Hello, Hi, Hello!


This is not my first blog post, but this will be my most dedicated.

I have blogged right here a couple of times before now. My writer’s block is just phenomenal like I write most times once or twice in a year!

Anyway, this is writing from another perspective as I reckon that I will be more frequent with this considering all the encouraging people by my side and factors all in my favor.

I will be telling the story in snippets of my leadership, how it all began, survived and thrived, where it has led me to today and how I plan to channel it to greater use in the near future.

“ummm…this is totally not me because I usually do the runway catwalk, so… “

Personally, being a leader is something I know for a fact that I still know nothing about. There is so much more to it and with the experience I’ve had that I’m willing to share, you’ll see exactly what I mean!

So, strap in or not, this definitely would be some ride and you need to get real comfortable.

Watch this space!



Peace and love!

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