2018, BRING IT!!!

Dear Reader,

Another year begins!!

For me, 2017 went pretty fast. Got a new job, left Nigeria, started school in Canada and according to Facebook made 283 new friends. I confirm that I actually did meet awesome people last year . It was a good year filled with the usual challenges but now in a colder climate. I learnt a whole lot about myself last year and believe me it was quite a revelation.


As I sit and write out my thoughts, I’m reminded that I have truly come far from where I used to be and although I am not yet where I want to be, the journey has started. Looking through my phone and goodwill messages pouring in from Nigeria, I’m filled with nostalgia but I am happy.

God has been so faithful!

2017 taught me to never doubt my instincts, to speak up with my chin high. You know how it is when you want to say something but you’re not so sure and then someone else speaks your mind and then they are applauded? Worst feeling ever. In other words, whatever dreams, hopes and aspirations you have, act on it. Don’t wait for the perfect time, experience has taught me there’s nothing like that.

Whatever it is, start small, grow big.

This year, I’ve made plans to be more consistent in blogging by buying the domain! No more nkemsays.wordpress but now nkemsays.com!! It has a nice ring to it too. Hopefully, this would inspire and spur me on to write more.


I made a mental note to be more dogged this year. I’m reminded of my plans to always be happy no matter what. Stress, tough times and challenges will always happen but in the midst of all this, I plan to consciously dance to the music in my head that I always try to turn off.

I plan to love God more too. Make Him really take center-stage in all my thoughts, words and actions.

There is so much I’d like to drop here but I’ll hold it for another post. I’ll try to keep it real with you this year, after all consistency is key.

Happy New Year! Make things happen!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-01 at 12.08.38 AM (2)
First picture of 2018

Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties -Hellen Keller

Peace and love


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