Yup, keep movin’

Dear Reader,

So, this will be pretty short.


The first 8 months of the year are gone! Officially we have spent 244 days out of 366 in 2016. This year has surely been a whirlwind!! Still remember when I was at vigil mass from 31st Dec to crossover to Jan 2016. Clearly remember the happy-new year messages that ran my phone battery down. Now, August’s sliding away….

The “MBER” months are here..SepteMBER, OctoBER, NoveMBER, DeceMBER.

Amidst the hunger pangs, inflation, rise in price of foreign currencies, religious killings and everything that serves as a huge challenge to us as a nation…Amidst the personal and public drama you have…

YOU are still here.

So in celebration of hope (yes, hope!) for better months, this one is for you..


Nevertheless, the year is not ended. You should start taking early stock and figure out what you’ve done so far and what the heck you still need to do. You can still turn things around.

The year is not ended…122 days to go…



I know your heart been broke again…I know your prayers ain’t been answered yet…I know you’re feeling like you got nothing left…well, lift your head, it ain’t over yet so…Move, keep walking, soldier keep moving on…

Lyrics from “Move (keep walking)” by Toby Mac.


Peace and love..xx

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