Dear Reader,

It has been 379 days since I last blogged. Don’t know what today’s date has got to do with it-16.1.16, but I surely had the urge to put pen to paper or in this case, fingers to tab again.

Sure, I’ve been well… you?

2015 went pretty fast. Great things happened and then of course, the not so good. As it is with life, I moved on. Curtain fades 2015…Open sesame 2016.
This year, I hope to do a lot from more personal give-back and community projects to a plethora of self and career building. This year, God-willing, I will actually implement my ever so many ideas. This year will be a roller coaster of events all lined so watch this space religiously.

2016 would be the year I Explore. I Dream. I Discover. Nothing would make me happier than to stop building empires in my head and to actually start laying the foundation blocks to my dynasty (thank you Cookie Lyons). Easier said than done I know but so help me God, this year, I will.

You should too.

Meanwhile, I will still be having my laugh-mathons, (45 minutes of undiluted Ibo girl laughter at random things), dancing more like no one’s watching and screaming my lungs out in karaoke. If you ever need to tag along with my karaoke buddies, you know what to do.

So to all those who sent me messages asking about my round trip to the moon, I am back now. Will surely blog again this year, but just in case I don’t, here’s an early ‘Merry Christmas 2016 and a wonderful new year 2017’

Just kidding.

By the way, the senate seems to have misplaced our 2016 budget in Nigeria. It is now operation, ‘#BringBackOurBudget’. I am still wondering how that is possible with the current state of technology in the world where soft copies can easily be emailed. Our country’s tales by moonlight stories become more interesting by each new year. Nevertheless, anyone with information on its whereabouts……

Still, Nigeria, we hail thee!

Here’s to you and yours and an awesome 2016.

Peace and Love,

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