Go 2015!

Dear Readers,


hapi new year

I blogged last in October. Since then, I’ve just been so out of the blogging tune. As usual, a lot has happened and just like the average human being, you’ve gotta deal with it someway or the other.

Decided to change my environment for the New Year. After handing over one of the most important jobs of my life I’ve held for the past two years, a major change of scenery was highly needed. And so, off I went to V.I to spend some time with my Aunt and cousins. So far so good, it has been awesome!

I took a walk from Ademola Adetokunbo road, down to Ajose Adeogun yesterday. The lovely christmas decor put up by Zenith Bank is simply amazing! No matter how un-christmaslike (if the English language would permit) you are or gloomy you feel, somehow it just revvs up your spirit.

And so it got me thinking about year 2014.

Firstly, I’m really grateful to God because somehow his hands have guided me thus far and his grace has led me. But mehnnn, last year was a huge challenge for me. From the end of the first quarter, a lot just went off. It was almost like I was on a roller coaster tagged ‘trying times’. Everyday had its own drama and unlike me (my natural ice queen personality), I became hyperactively emotional and could not just only cry now but weep at the drop of a hat.


Almost everything seemed off.


But still, I was and I am richly blessed. I’ve got such a wonderful family, you can’t even imagine how awesome they are! I found out (albeit in a painful way) who my real friends were. Last year taught me a huge lesson..! Most of the people I’ve loved were hardly ever there and those I took for granted, became my backbone. I learnt a whole lot about my strength and how I’ve undermined my small but extremely mighty stature. Indeed, last year, it seemed like I failed in a whole lot! Now that I look at it, I was gaining more grounds as progress sometimes looks like a series of failures…its okay to be sad but you can’t fall apart. As if all that I was going through wasn’t enough, I developed pretty strong feelings for someone who wasn’t on the same ‘feelings’ page with me…lol.. Big ups to all those who liked me way more than I liked them. My simple conclusion; Cupid sometimes runs out of arrows and only shoots one person instead of two. Now I know how it feels like to be friend-zoned..*wink*


Talk about unrequited tough love. Ha!


In all, I still had a good year. I laughed with those who had things to laugh about, I celebrated with those who had one thing or the other to celebrate from proposals to engagements and then marriage, to birthing a child. Those who got fantastic jobs, those who started up small business ventures, those who gained admission for higher studies, those who bought new cars, got new apartments. I was there to share in their joy…and it was something wonderful!

My point is, the tough times would definitely come but do not let them define you. You probably haven’t experienced this to really understand when someone tells you that ‘You Are So Much More!’ Indeed you are. Try, try and try again…giving up should never be an option no matter what. Have faith that it will all work out pretty soon and act like you’ve seen it already working out. But really, learn how to dance with the throbbing pain in your heart, smile through the tears and trust me, laugh like crazy especially when it hurts to even speak.


Its all a phase that would pass.


K!NG J@M£$

So, for this year I’m grateful. I’m alive. I’m healthy. I’m hopeful. Mehnn, with God on my side, it can only get better and then really awesome…I believe. For all those hoping for some sort of change, this one’s for you….Believe, it can only get better.

As for resolutions, I don’t bother making them anymore as in my world, they have the shortest life span as soon as they are made. But this year, I’ll work with a theme; LBBB (Live, Breathe, Build, Believe)

Anyway, 2015, better be good to me 😉



Keep spreading happiness…xx

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