The 54th.

Dear Reader,
It has been a long time.


Apologies for my really loonnnng absence. The panorama of my life just keeps changing- the wonderful, the sad, the ecstatic and everything in between. To start telling you what went down would be one really long read! In summary, I have laughed, loved, trusted, expected, been disappointed, fought, learnt. Indeed, I have lived. From my last post on Easter day to this, so much has happened that has made me appreciate life in a whole new dimension.



Or maybe I’m just getting old.

I woke up Wednesday morning to a child’s weight on my back and happy screams all around. The house was so alive that not cracking a smile would have made you inhuman. Turning, with a huge grin already on my face, I see my five year old really chubby cousin with eyes full of excitement. Immediately, she plants a really sloppy kiss on my cheek saying “Wake up Aunty NnnnKem…its morning jor!”
Yeah, you’re right about that, I say to her.”What are you doing here, you goof? I asked trying to check the time. It was 9.32am. “I live here now” she replies. “Oh no you don’t…I tell her while moving close to tickle her. She tries to reply me but in between her squeals and laughter, it seems impossible. After our banter, she tags along with my other cousin with stories only both of them could fully comprehend. This is one happy child, I think to myself. I check my phone and see lots of independence day goodwill messages mainly from friends and acquaintances. As I reply each one, I’m lost in thought…

What if?

It’s Independence Day and all around me I heard sounds of generators turned on. There has been no power for the past three days now, well, not that I’m complaining because we are used to this. In sincerity. I’m wondering what if the white guys found our oil before giving us our independence in 1960, would our country be compared to Europe or America? Would we be part of the G7 nations or maybe the BRICS countries? Would we still hold on to our agricultural heritage or would “black gold”(crude oil) still be our main source of revenue? Would some of our universities be ranked with Ivy League schools of the world? Would our social service system (if we have any now) be so developed as to take care of the less privileged children, the unemployed, the aged and generally anyone needing help. Would we be able to provide free healthcare services? Would corruption be minimised? Would we be terrorist free?

Would there be light?

Just then, my short stuff, happy go lucky cousin walks in. I look at her and think about her future. I could be realistic for the moment and say that it’ll definitely get better with a frown on my face or I could be pessimistic and just out rightly weep which would scare her and cause more harm than good. Instead I decide to be optimistic and smile at her all the while imagining.
For a fact, I know that Nigeria will rise. I believe so much in the strength and versatility of our great citizens. The question is not if we would succeed but how we would do it. A country as this with the majority of its citizens as young people should be active. If we don’t get it right now, we just might miss it. But that’s just the problem.

Where are those who would help make it right?

Some of us are in diaspora talking about Nigeria without being in Nigeria. Some have been shutdown in speech for fear of stepping on the wrong toes and then have to kick the bucket or in this case the bucket would be kicked towards them. Some of us don’t really care what happens, as long as we are living the “good-life” or so it seems to us. Most of us have gotten comfortable in trying to survive. Very few are doing something about it but then again, what are we actually doing? Therefore, those who rule, acquire more thrones and sceptres and we who complain continue to whine, frown, then adapt all the while getting accustomed to mediocrity.

At this point, I’m really thankful.

With the statistics of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa and Nigeria being cleared as EVD free, it’s really a whole lot to be thankful for. Given the alarming population of about 20 million people in the sprawling metropolis of Lagos State and high body contact, Ebola would have conveniently built castles and empires here.

Indeed, God would not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear.

Somehow it was contained and in pretty good time too. Everyone sprung into action and together we curbed EVD. Big kudos to the Lagos State government in particular and all those who saw Ebola and fought it. They are the real heroes. This gets me thinking, with the way we contained this, if applied to bringing the much desired change we all want, so much would be achieved. If we fought this together and we came out victorious, we can still make it right somehow.

I believe, Nigeria will rise.

So Wednesday, October 1st, some 54 years ago, we were given freedom as a country. Today, we are free or are we really? In my opinion, our freedom is measured by the limitations that hinder us from soaring. Nigeria, this giant of Africa is sitting pretty, big in size with heavy-weight potentials. With the 2015 elections around the corner, we need people to rise up and reactivate the every part of our sectors. We need deep thinkers, dreamers but only those who know when to wake up and start living.
As for me, I’ll be proudly flagging the colours green and white, any day, every time.  For the moment, it’s more of a silent wish and prayer as I say…
Happy 54th Nigeria! Long live this great nation, our Greenland.




P.S.  This post would have come in on Independence day but with the house turned inside in  and some drama around me, oh well! Lol!

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  1. Well said as usual and uhm well the answer to d “what if” segment is definitely a YES in parallel. As for EVD i said something on fb that the western countries especially America are amazed at our effort to keep d ebolaa virus out but they won’t admit it and now Nigeria is reported to be ebola free. This only tells us that indeed good things can come out from Nigeria. Cheers Miss President.


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